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Motteq Labs

Feel the chemistry between your ideas and our software skills!

Our ideas and technology fuel diverse markets from financial, pharmaceutical or medical, through IT security to cultural and retail. Let us boost yours!

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Experienced in experiments with ideas

Even from a piece of wool and a shard of glass, we can create incredible things. Explore what we have achieved using cutting‑edge technologies, client brief and our skills.

This is what defines us

Why ‘Motteq’?

In Motteq Labs, we start from swirling thoughts. Aware of their potential, we untangle the thread of ideas to create a perfect solution.

A motek [pronounced /motteq/] in Polish means a ball of thread. It symbolizes our philosophy: we think complex, creative and outside the box, but always following the thread to reach the goal!

Why ‘Labs’?

Our projects undergo a thorough inspection by the best specialists.

Like experiments in a lab, they are subject to numerous tests and examinations so that our customers receive a flawless end product.

Aided by state-of-the-art technology, we use our knowledge and experience to supply finest ingredients and mix them according to clients’ needs.

Working phases in Motteq Labs

Components matching

  1. Research
  2. Planning & brainstorming
  3. Skope & technical specification
  4. Analysis
  5. Application design (mockup)

Components mixing

  1. Dividing each experiment into 2 weeks long "sprints": development interactive cycles
  2. Resume after each sprint
  3. Delivering incremental work after each sprint
  4. Clients proposition, fixation and comment to the each delivered software increment


  1. Integration & documentation
  2. Quality assurance

Our ‘Science Fellows’

The reputation we enjoy relies on great people and exceptional experts.
Let us introduce you to people who will discover incredible stuff for and with you!




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